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Dollei Seah is the Creative Director of ME. With more then 25 years of experience in tow, she is a veteran in the makeup and media industry. Sought after for her brilliance in the craft, she seldom plays by the rules, always aiming for a breakthrough. She may wield a myriad of makeup styles but her work is distinctive of her strokes.


A nomination for the Golden Horse Awards in Best Hair and Makeup in 2007 propelled her to celebrity status. Despite the hype and fame, Dollei has never let it dilute her vivacious personality and uncompromising discipline in leading the team.


In hindsight, setting up Makeup Entourage was a natural progression. Passing on her skills and knowledge has always been the goal for Dollei. From the hands of the artists, these skills translate to Makeup Entourage magic.

Why US?

Makeup Entourage is a group of female artists tuned to the same wavelength yet each one of them encompasses a slightly different style. As a team, they work seamlessly well together, almost like finishing each other’s sentences. As individuals, their strong suits are carefully matched to complement the many projects heading their way.


At work, they are probably the most facially non-expressive people you will ever encounter. Off duty, they could be the most nonsensical bunch of women you’ll ever meet, but still serious about their art. Really..

—  Name, Title

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